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Learning, Living, and Loving Life Skills Programs, con't

PRI seeks to provide services in a variety of formats, using a variety of teaching strategies. We provide Youth Leadership Training sessions to youth who are in the process of transitioning to an independent living status. The topics to be covered in the sessions include, but are not limited to:


Independent Living Skills

Entrepreneurship/Job Readiness

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Job Seeking Etiquette

Character Education

Respect and Responsibility

Communication Skills


Building Healthy Relationships


Setting Limits/Boundaries


Coping with Relationship Loss


Managing Emotions

Recognizing Feelings

Expressing Anger Constructively

Practicing Self-Control

Responding to Anger

Stress Management/Relaxation Techniques

Coping with Loss & Disappointment

Critical Thinking

Setting & Redefining Goals


Problem-Solving Strategies

Making and Carrying out Decisions

Predicting Consequences

Initiative, Risk Taking, and Reaching Maximum Potential

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